“Each day is woven in the expectation and in the hope of seeing a hint of meaning floating on the stream of dreams, something that holds, like a boat, a fish out of water that we could grab, a whisper that we could hear thanks to the slow stroke, to the touch under our fingers.” Thierry Bodson, excerpt from a poem from the “Des champs des puits” project.


For the solo exhibition Traits d'union at ODRADEK, I pursue the reflection on painting, language, and space, which started from the Annunciations of Fra Angelico in the project Le lieu qui te revêt and on the connections between language, drawing and textile in the Des Champs des puits project.

Traits d’union associates works created by concentrated and meticulous gestures, through techniques such as collage or sewing, which link posture to breath.

My works are constructed with fragments of material, pieces of rice paper drawn, painted and sewn by hand for the paintings and morsels of impressions of Annunciations and of press photographs, on paper, for the collages.

Leftovers are placed on the paper, vestiges of images leading our gaze towards a dispersed, contemporary and distant elsewhere. Read more 

La surface du chant by Didier Escole


Solo exhibition at ODRADEK gallery, November 2023, Brussels, Belgium.


Installation view. Vestiges, oil painting on rice paper, hand sewn 240 x 260 cm (each painting), 2023.


Vestiges, technique mixte sur papier, 13 x 19.5 cm, 2023.


Installation view, collages of Le lieu qui te revêt project, Odradek gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


Project Des champs des puits, crochet,  430 x 10 cm , 2019. Odradek gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


Project Des champs des puits. Installation view. Mixed medias, variable dimensions, 2018-22. Odradek gallery, Brussels, Belgium.



Vestiges, Indian ink on paper and collage on paper, 22 x 31 cm, 2023. ODRADEK gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


Installation View.


Vestiges, color pencil on paper, 2023. ODRADEK gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


Project Des champs des puits. Mixed media, variable dimensions, 2018-22. ODRADEK gallery, Brussels, Belgium.